Posted on Nov 25, 2018

Wise Club 2k


My Name is Zaynab A. E.

My Dream come true when I joined WiseClub 2k.
I want to start my own business with a minimum of 100 Thousand Naira; but I only have about 30 Thousand Naira.

So I Signup for Free and Open an Account with 2 Thousand Naira, they promised I will get the Funding in few days or weeks.

But I am an inpatient person, so after I go through their website, I discover some secrets; that I can actually open more Accounts in one signup.
So I open 10 Accounts and used my first Account number as the Sponsor ID to my other 10 accounts.
So here how I get the funding I was expecting in few weeks:

On my First Account, I got funded with Five Thousand Naira as I used my first account number as the sponsor to the other 10 accounts instantly.

As the days goes on; I begin to get Five Thousand Naira each on the other 10 accounts. In less than 2 weeks, I got a total of, 50 Thousand Naira!

Here is the part I love most, I then get another 20 Thousand Naira from my first account!

And in less than 4 weeks I got another 20 Thousand Naira each from my two more account. As I am sharing this testimony, I have gotten One Hundred and fifteen Thousand Naira funding, and I have happily start my business, as I am expecting to get more funding soonest.

To Enjoy these Benefits too, kindly Signup Today, and you will not regret you do!

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